Be Remarkable-Institutional & Private Capital Solutions For Real Estate Investors, Developers and Owners.

Be Remarkable Investment & Funding Group LLC., provides funding for best-in-class real estate investors, property owners, asset managers and commercial R.E developers throughout the United States.

Principal Real Estate Finance Programs:

  • Small Balance Real Estate Lending: from $250k to $7MM, secured through underwriting based primarily on the property’s value and net operating income (based financial statements; tax returns not required).
  • Bridge & Mezzanine Financing: from $2MM to $100MM, secured through underwriting solely based on the property’s value.
  • Conventional Commercial: from $5MM to $100MM, secured based on the property’s value, net operating income, geographical location, and sponsor strength.

Real estate investors and owners receive expedited proceeds by selling or partnering with us, and receive the equity or financing needed to overcome various barriers such as:

  1. Limited cash/equity available to purchase additional assets;
  2. Limited cash/equity to complete value-added improvements;
  3. Problems accessing credit through traditional lending channels; and elongated sales cycles due to purchaser financing limitations.

Funding programs including; bridge loans, construction, rehab or  development funding, all at competitive rates and LTVs.