Digital Business Cards

Be Remarkable Digital Business Cards Power Revenues

With a Be Remarkable Card you can create campaigns and capture new leads seamlessly. Captivate your audience – Highlight your products, showcase your stunning photos and embed your videos all on one easy to view card.

Did you know that 88% of paper business cards that are handed out are thrown away in the first week? Did you know 10 Billion business cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone? You’re right, that is a pretty astounding statistic, a frightening amount of waste.  They provide individuals and organizations complete control of their brand and messaging in the marketplace, while simultaneously empowering themselves, employees , vendors and supports with the most effective mobile marketing technology in the world.

Be Remarkable Cards are contact-free, paperless business cards you can share with anyone, anywhere, all the time. They function like mobile landing pages for your brand, that are ideal for advertising, marketing and promotion. This means anywhere you can post and share a web URL, you can post and share your digital card.

What is a Be Remarkable Digital Card?

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